Wittelsbacher Gymnasium München

Our mission statement

The Wittelsbacher provides a family-like atmosphere by offering a stimulating and challenging learning environment for supporting all students in order to have the best opportunities for their future. This includes various languages, music and the arts, the teaching of intercultural competences besides all the regular subjects of a secondary grammar school.

This is done with the thorough cooperation of all the teachers, staff and students to enhance motivation, intellectual independence, creativity, responsibility, and respect. Thus we can foster individual skills and academic potential related to humanist values.

(statement conceived by Q12e1 students – January 2017)

Characteristic elements of our school

The Wittelsbacher College is a secondary or grammar school concentrating on languages. Our school offers Latin as the first and English as the second foreign language. As a third foreign language, students can choose between French or Greek. At senior level, students may replace Latin with Spanish or take Italian as an optional course.

About 700 students and 50 teachers plus a regular group of about 25 teacher trainees make our school an almost family-like educational institution. Another positive factor is that the number of students in one classroom usually does not exceed 28 students.

We provide optimal learning conditions, which means that through the overall concept of the school and the commitment of our students and teachers our school has always ranked top in languages.

In Maths, most of our classes rank amongst top level classes. Many of our students are involved in the arts sector in particular and find opportunities for musical activities in the several choirs, the orchestra and our big band. These students show their talents in three big school concerts every year.

Additionally, the Wittelsbacher is a center for teacher training, providing special teacher trainers for German, ESL, Maths, Physics, Latin, Art, and Religious Education – as the latter is part of all German curriculums, split up into Catholic or Protestant R.E. Of course, students can choose Ethics instead or attend classes for their respective religious denomination.

Our school is situated right at the city center of Munich, the capital of Bavaria. We have easy access to all means of public transportation including suburban trains to the airport.

We exchange students in year nine with French schools in Bordeaux and Signy l’Abbaye (find that one on the map – it is in the Champagne region) plus an Italian school in Bologna, in year ten with St. Mark’s in Boston.

Students in year 12 go on a week long field trip – a traditional farewell-tour at (almost) the end of their academic studies to places like Madrid/Spain, Rome/Italy, Dublin/Ireland, London/UK, or the Provence region in France.