Wittelsbacher Gymnasium München

Übersicht Grundwissen Englisch (G 8)

Vorbemerkung: Strukturen, Methoden und Textsorten werden je nur in der Jahrgangsstufe verzeichnet, in der sie erstmals vorgestellt werden. Das bedeutet nicht, dass sie in folgenden Jahrgangsstufen nicht erneut (erweitert) Unterrichtsgegenstand sind.

1. Lernjahr / 6. Jahrgangsstufe
Strukturen Methoden Themen Textsorten
Formen von to be introducing oneself personal information dialogue
personal pronouns spelling and pronunciation rules making phone calls song
plural forms word clusters colors simple texts
this/that – these/those basic text comprehension school story
questions asking the way housing situation simple factual information
s-genitive/of-genitive compound words spare-time activities e-mail
have got recognizing text structures family recipe
articles story writing in town web page
present tense: simple and progressive alternative endings to stories shopping youth magazine article
object pronouns guessing words UK/first info postcard
position of adverbs mediation birthdays quiz
numbers holidays and vacations
do a historical figure
wh-questions town vs. country
auxiliaries (must/can/ English as a world language
indefinite pronouns USA/first info
some/any talking to friends
simple past
question tags
2. Lernjahr / 7. Jahrgangsstufe
Strukturen Methoden Themen Textsorten
infinitive constructions text questions Schools in Britain timetable
Past Progressive working with a dictionary Halloween activities board
comparison of adjectives guessing words Historic figures (Robin Hood) picture story
relative clauses word definitions and explanations Popular music and entertainment radio show
contact clauses creating a dialogue Food and drink stories
will-/going-to-Future writing a picture story An area in England (Lake District) internet texts
Present Perfect listening comprehension Schools in the USA diary
Conditional Clauses I word formation rules Travel and transport brochure
able / allowed / have to role plays In the country fairy tale
some / any / every / no + planning and writing a story A British city (London) map
propword one song comprehension British History (short) newspaper article
adverbs of manner making suggestions short presentation report
Verben der sinnlichen Wahrnehmung stating one's opinion describing actions and characters
The Passive visualizing grammar structures simple stylistic devices
basic discussion
internet research
3. Lernjahr / 8. Jahrgangsstufe
Strukturen Methoden Themen Textsorten
present perfect progressive skimming and scanning a text a region in the UK (Wales) brochures
since and for word families planning a trip discussion
past perfect describing characters of a story British History picture story
position of adverbs uttering one's opinion re-enactments factual text
passive summing up living together radio interview
conditional clauses II + III + mixed forms spotting adverbials making suggestions internet forum
verbs with two objects text comprehension regions of the USA internet texts
reflexive pronouns using a dictionary everyday problems report
reported speech / with time shift listening for the gist sports signs
gerund as subject presentation Australia novel (excerpt)
possessive pronouns reporting New England road map
to + infinitives creative writing letter
speaking practice film review short stories detective story
4. Lernjahr / 9. Jahrgangsstufe
Strukturen Methoden Themen Textsorten
gerund or infinitive preparing for an oral exam globalisation magazine article
tenses expressing future project work reality TV online questionnaire
dynamic / stative verbs self-assessment mass media personal statement
stressing applying for a job technology and society (Industrial Revolution) job application and CV
German „lassen“ using an E-E dictionary preparing for work letter to the editor
participles mediation (newspaper articles, idioms) gap-year short story
relative clauses relationships newspaper article
anglicisms (mediation) interpreting diagrams Native Americans and the early years of the US diagrams
collecting and summing up arguments a US American state (California) commercial / ad
basic literary terms literature drama
5. Lernjahr / 10. Jahrgangsstufe
Strukturen Methoden Themen Textsorten
Revision of major grammar: discussion and debating Young people in the English speaking world statistics, flow charts, fact files
- past tenses text analysis Ethnic diversity in the USA and the UK short stories
- tense and aspect creative writing School life in America and the UK cartoons
- conditional sentences dictionary work South Africa songs
- modal auxiliaries team project Scientific and technological progress newspaper articles
- adverbs and adverbials mediation informative texts
- relative clauses interpreting diagrams speeches
- gerund constructions internet research novels (excerpts)
- participle constructions comment writing poems
- subjunctive film project webpages
- inversion presentation autobiographical texts
role play radio show
text comparison interviews
visualizing facts